Hugo Reidy, AIPF.

Echoes from the Past

This is a Documentary Panel and it is dedicated to people I once knew as a child: Now a lifetime later revisiting where they lived and seeing their once treasured possessions in various states of decay fills me with memories. I want to document some of those items and rooms once lived in for a little longer.

So come with me… Climb in through a broken window or jammed door. Adjust your eyes to the low light and then slowly discover the rooms and the items of their lives that surround you. Each detail has a meaning and these images give a glimpse into lives once lived and a time that is now gone.

The Irish Photographic Federation awards distinctions on three levels – Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship, in ascending order.

The Associateship is the second of these levels and requires a panel of fifteen images to be presented for assessment. The panel should sit together as a cohesive body of work and demonstrate the applicant’s individuality and sustained ability in photography. Successful applicants are entitled to use the letters AIPF after their name.