Andy Magan, AIPF.

The Shapes Within 

The famous photographer Minor White once said:  

“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.”

As a photographer – I am drawn to buildings. I like to capture parts of them in an abstract way which removes context and allows me to distil the architecture into lines and curves, patterns, and shapes.   

Buildings give me the chance to imaginatively explore forms and angles. I look at the geometric arrangements and their interactions with the environment. I isolate small patterns from within the whole.  

I look for a fresh perspective – to show something new and different, out of what is generally seen.

The Irish Photographic Federation awards distinctions on three levels – Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship, in ascending order.

The Associateship is the second of these levels and requires a panel of fifteen images to be presented for assessment. The panel should sit together as a cohesive body of work and demonstrate the applicant’s individuality and sustained ability in photography. Successful applicants are entitled to use the letters AIPF after their name.