Winners of the Guilty Pleasures Competition (2023).

We can reveal the results of our second PotY competition of 2023, ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Thanks to all members who entered images and congratulations to our winners. Many thanks to Darren Brown from Catchlight Camera Club who judged the competition. Here are the winners:

1st  ‘Full Fat Coke’ by Matt Whitby
2nd ‘Photographing Lego’ by Billy Culleton
3rd  ‘Chocolates and Wine’ by Bernie Kelly

1st  ‘Guilty Pleasures 1’ by Frank Corcoran
2nd ‘Coffee and Donuts’ by Anne Dowling
3rd  ‘I Haven’t Done Anything’ by Krissi Igoe

1st  ‘Guilty Pleasure’ by Tony Michael Barry
2nd ‘Cookies Stacked’ by Alan Armitage
3rd  ‘Ice Cream’ by Claire Griffin

A ‘guilty pleasure’ is something pleasurable that you usually enjoy but know it may not be that good for you, like that extra bowl of ice-cream, binge watching your Netflix series or staying in your pjs all day. Whatever the guilty pleasure, we want to see it in the form of an image. Tell us what you consider to be a ‘guilty pleasure’.