Winners of the Depth of Field Competition (2022).

Here are the results of our third PotY 2022 competition, ‘Depth of Field’. Thanks to all members who entered images and congratulations to our winners. Many thanks to Gerry Kerr FIPF ARPS EFIAP/g from Celbridge Camera Club who judged the competition.

1st  Ned Mahon, ‘Correct Depth of Field for a Kingfisher’
2nd John Cuddihy, ‘Winter Is Gone’
3rd Carla Ennis, ‘All Eyes On Us’

1st  Krisi Igoe, ‘Life Begins’
2nd Eamon McArdle, ‘Garden Mushroom’
3rd  Liam Kirwin, ‘Four Steps’

1st   Canice Ryan, ‘Friendly Puffin’
2nd  Canice Ryan, ‘Mountain Faire’

In photography, Depth of Field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects giving a focused image. Use DOF to produce a blurred or sharp effect in your image.