KPS Monthly Club Competitions

We run eight competitions each year, to test our skills in the hopes of impressing our guest judges, who critique entries and offer advice to the authors. These competitions can be a good way to improve our craft and get critical feedback on our techniques and themes. These themes challenge different aspects of your photography.

The competition has three levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. The judges scores are tallied, revealing which member the club is awarded our prestigious ‘Photographer of the Year’ (PotY) title. The themes for this year’s competitions are listed below.



30th January 2023


16th February 2023

Mono (Open)

Black and white photography are images that only use only black white and variations of grey. A monochrome photo can be created with variations of blue red or any other colour in the spectrum.



26th February 2023


23rd March 2023

Guilty Pleasures

A ‘guilty pleasure' is something pleasurable that you usually enjoy but know it may not be that good for you, like that extra bowl of ice-cream, binge watching your Netflix series or staying in your pjs all day. Whatever the guilty pleasure, we want to see it in the form of an image. Tell us what you consider to be a 'guilty pleasure'.



26th March 2023


27th April 2023

Street Life (Print)

A genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. The very publicness of the setting allows the photographer to take a candid shot. A good street photo needs to tell a story, document an event or set the scene. Image must be submitted in print format.



23rd April 2023


25th May 2023


Any image taken on a smart phone. Leave the best gear at home and head out with only your phone. Image can be of any genre. Image must be taken and edited on a smart phone.



26th May 2023


22nd June 2023


Achieving symmetry in photography is when an image appears to have equal weight on both sides. Parts of your composition match each other or are a mirror image of each other. Symmetry can include shapes and can be horizontal, vertical or radial.



27th August 2023


31st September 2023

Pet Photography

Capture your furry friends best side! Show us the pets personality, character, habits and memorable moments. Be it an action shot in the park or a striking pet portrait we don’t mind if you borrow a pet if you don’t have one.



24th September 2023


19th October 2023


Use of shadows in an image photo that forms a prominent part of the composition. Manipulation of light can produce shadows and different tonal ranges within your image. Shadows can change the overall feel and depth of a photograph.



26th October 2023


16th November 2023

Flora & Fauna (Print)

Refers to wildlife and plants, and in particular to the natural environment of the species. Images must be submitted in print format. Nature Rules apply, as follows:
Flora: Any natural plant life not including human created hybrid plants or cultivated plants.
Fauna: Any living being in the natural world excluding domestic animals (pets). Human elements shall not be present except where those form an integral part of the nature subject – i.e barn owl in a barn.
No techniques that add, relocate replace remove elements except by cropping are permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.
Please resize your images: Landscape: 3200 pixels on the longest side, at 300 dpi. Portrait: 2400 pixels on the tallest side, at 300 dpi. Square images sized 2400 x 2400 pixels. KPS PotY competitions are open to members only. Submit a maximum of two images for each competition. You must not have submitted them for previous KPS PotY competitions. Email your entries to
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KPS 2022 ‘Photographer of the Year’

Ned Mahon is KPS ‘Photographer of the Year’ 2022

1st – Ned Mahon
2nd – Matt Whitby
3rd – Derville Conroy

1st – Billy Culleton
2nd – Liam Kirwan
3rd – Anne Dowling

1st – Canice Ryan